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This show is designed to address the needs of Nigerians for genuine information on trends, issues and opportunities as it relates to the real estate industry in Nigeria.


REAL ESTATE TODAY is a programme specifically designed to provide genuine information on the real estate business in Nigeria. It is a platform developed for real estate practitioners, relevant authorities, investors and the general public, to interact on issues relating to the growth and development of the real estate sector.

It also seeks to predict trends, identify and proffer solutions to issues and also bring to the fore, investment opportunities that exist in the real estate market for investors. 



Our vision is to create value for our partners, sponsors and the general public by identifying the quality goods and services that exist in the Nigerian real estate industry, pinpointing opportunities for investments in the real estate market, bringing to the fore issues that affect the industry and proffering solutions to these issues.



The show was conceived by the creative minds at Avalanche Media following research which showed that a lot of Nigerians have little or no access to information on real estate in the nation. This has led to a situation where people are at the mercy of various unscrupulous elements within the sector, public ignorance concerning government policies & programmes on real estate and a bulging housing deficit among other problems. This ignorance has been aided by misconceptions among people as to what real estate means, how opportunities in the industry can be harnessed, what a vibrant real estate seDue to the rather involved nature of real estate, media discussions on it have been misrepresented as being boring. Various television and radio programmes have over the years continued to perpetuate the myth of real estate being staid, dull and boring by rolling out lifeless shows on real estate where the presentation has been uninspiring and dull, visual aids have either being of low quality or have been completely absent and the general arrangements have been shoddy and lacklustre.

It is in view of this rather depressing state of affairs that the idea for a show that would add value to the lives of the viewers and sponsors was hatched hence the birthing of Real Estate Today.




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